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Made from vegan silk, which is produced using cotton linter; a byproduct of cotton production. Its contrast color details and planted love patterns symbolize a strong stance against cruelty. With its silky soft texture, its structure that breathes and quickly wicks moisture away from the skin, it can be used all year round.



65x65 cm
Woven Planted Love Label

Product information

Vegan silk is both ethical, as it does not involve exploitation, and has a significantly lower ecological footprint. It is hypoallergenic, breathable, soft, and has a flowing texture. It is highly resistant to wear and is lightweight.

*Due to the holiday in Türkiye, the shipping time is 5-8 days until April 15th.

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Shipping Time: 1-5 Days

It can be washed in the washing machine with cold water. It dries quickly. Ironing is possible.