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With its simple aesthetics, practical use and all the features hidden in the details, REVOLUTION23 agendas are designed to be the most suitable planner for your journey. The collection takes its name from the 365-day movement of the earth around the sun. While celebrating that this year will be unforgettable for our revolution, you can find the names of the events that occur during the earth's movement in our agendas, where we use both meanings of the word Revolution.

The hard cover with an embossed futuristic typography design, handcrafted by artisans using apple leather, sets it apart from other planners and makes it stand out in terms of durability. High-quality, warm-toned 110 gr. Ivory paper with high quality warm tone that ensures no ink bleeds through to the back. Ivory paper provides a clean look, while the choice of grayscale ink in the print minimizes contrast to reduce eye strain. In addition to the cotton thread stitching that offers durability against daily use, it is produced to be opened 180 degrees. This provides a comfortable use for all right or left-handed users.

The first pages welcome you with a calendar for previous, current and future years.

The fold-out yearbook pages are a useful resource at the end of the year for a quick glance at the whole year, but also contain hidden artwork to remind you that this is one of the first apple skin planners in the world.

At the beginning of each month, monthly overview pages have been designed so that you can see the big picture of your life. So you can keep track of important days for you, a friend's birthday or your meetings. The monthly pages have been created with special design tricks to allow you to freely take notes, leaving maximum space in the dotted blank areas.

The weekly pages, which will accompany you the most, are designed horizontally, taking into account the optimum space needed for your day in detailed planning. Each week has faded dotted spaces for note-taking, just like the monthly sections. To give you even more free space, a horizontal monthly calendar view has been designed in the top right. So you will be able to see the current month and exactly where you are.

At the end of the planner there are 47 dotted pages where you can be as creative as you like.

In the envelope on the back cover you will find 3 different sticker packs that will allow you to express yourself more comfortably and richly on your journey with the planner.

Handcrafted in ethical working conditions with respect for nature.

Completely vegan and cruelty-free, because we are the plant revolution.

Apple Skin Hard Cover
A5 Size (15.2×21.2 cm)
110 gr. Ivory Paper
192 pages
Apple Skin Bookmark
One-Eyed File Envelope
3 Pages Sticker

Product information

Produced as an alternative to animal skin, apple skin is a bio-based material made using pulp and peel leftover from the juice and compote industry. Originating from the Bolzano region in northern Italy, this material begins production by pulverizing recycled apple waste.

After processing, they are sent to a factory in Florence, where the cotton-weighted back weaving is made.
The result is a durable yet soft leather material.

One of the most important aspects of using apple waste is that it is a completely renewable resource. Significantly reduces the CO2 impact compared to artificial leather made from 100% fossil fuels. While it is the least harmful material in terms of water and carbon footprint, it does not contain any toxic chemicals and is hypoallergenic.

What makes apple skin even more special is that the renewable resource is also from a natural waste stream. Apple pulp from cider factories is classified as special waste and in most cases ends up in landfills or, in some cases, is incinerated as fuel. We prefer to use this waste, which will be wasted, in our revolutionary products.

All orders are delivered to cargo within 2 working days.

You can return your orders within 14 days.

To use your shoes for a longer time, please pay attention to the following:

Protect your shoes from excess sun or heat, moisture, and harsh cleaning products, including alcohol-based ones. Gently wipe your shoes with a damp cloth, and never wash them in the washing machine.

If you're not wearing a summer collection, do not wear your shoes with bare feet. Always be sure to wear the right socks.

You can use a shoe polish made for animal-based leather. It works on plant-based leather as well.

Avoid getting your shoes extremely wet. If they get wet, avoid exposure to direct sunlight or heat sources like radiators. Let them dry at room temperature without closing them in a box.

When storing your shoes, use a shoe tree or crumpled paper to avoid folding or pressing and to protect the structure.

Over time, cracks and scratches may occur naturally due to use. This happens because of the nature of all materials.

The "one day apart" rule, which is valid for all leather shoes, is also useful for plant-based leather shoes. Wearing your shoes on alternate days will help them last longer and prevent them from smelling.

Thank you for reading and caring about this guide! We can't wait to take the first steps of the revolution together.